Holiday Cookie Video!

Our Holiday Cookie Extravaganza Video is finally here!!!

I finally finished editing Steph and I’s holiday cookie video. It is a little later than I had hoped (let’s ignore the fact that it is April) but the video is finally done 🙂 The video is a time lapse showing us making 2,600 cookies this past holiday season. It took us four days and lots of planning and work, but it was worth it. Last year my awesome roommate Raj had the idea of filming the event but it was not until this year that we could orchestrate it. A HUGE thanks to Chris Warren for loaning us his fancy camera and tripod and then compiling the 67.5 GBs of photos (wow). Without him, this video would not exist. Also, thank you to all the friends that helped us out! Whether it was decorating cookies, chopping nuts, or just keeping us company – we would not have made it without you all.

The 2,600 cookies included 13 different types. Back in January we posted our two favorites (Lemon Lavender Bites and Candy Bar Fudge). If you would like any other recipes, just let us know and I would be happy to post them!

p.s. I know it is a little long but I managed to cut it down from 13 minutes! (huge success in my mind)

Enjoy! And please let us know what you think!


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